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Fission SDK

Webnative API Reference


This is the source-derived, auto-generated API reference for webnative.

If you need an introduction to webnative, we recommend reading the fission guide instead. This document is meant to be used as an API reference.

Which Docs to Look At

When you import webnative like this:

import * as webnative from "webnative"

or like this:

const webnative = require("webnative")

or using a script tag:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/webnative@latest/dist/index.umd.min.js">

Then you'll have a webnative variable at disposal which contains the index module.

Once you've loaded a filesystem, you'll have an instance of the FileSystem class. Read its docs to see what filesystem operations are supported.

These Docs for another Webnative Version

The docs at webnative.fission.app will always be the docs for the most recent webnative version.

If you want to look at the docs for an older webnative version, keep in mind that webnative's npm package ships with these docs atnode_modules/webnative/docs/. So if you want to take a look at them, just open these docs' html files (at ./node_modules/webnative/docs/index.html) in your browser.

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